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The thermostat is designed for fixed installation only and can be used for both direct heating of the entire room and for comfort heating of the floor. The heating systems (heating cables involved) must not be connected before the concrete is hardened. The DEVIreg Touch underfloor heating programmable wall mounted thermostat is a great replacement for the popular and phased out DEVIreg 550, it will work with your existing floor probe. DEVIreg™ 530 Danfoss A/S Electric Heating Systems UlvehavevejVejle Denmark Phone:Fax:E-mail: com Danfoss can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures and other printed 7110 material.

Among others, the thermostat has the following features: A touchscreen display with backlight. DEVIreg™ Multi has some special functions which can be programmed for every channel: relay status (opened or closed correspondently to ‘Heating On’ mode), channel activation or deactivation, sensor failure alarm, min and max temperatures alarm, cable failure monitoring, manual on/off, relay test, channel on/off, relay cycles calculator, etc. The built-in room sensor is not used. With products that stand out in the market, DEVI is aiming to be the preferred choice for installers and end-users alike. With DEVIreg™ Smart in your vehicle, you will be equipped with. Compatible frame system: Yes: Depth mm 24 mm: Description: DEVIreg Touch Design Frame white: DIN mounting: No: Display (Yes/No) Yes: Display type: Touch screen: Element IP Class: 21: Frost protection °C 5 °C: Height mm 85 mm: Inductive load: cos φ= 0.

Th e devireg™ 550 will measure the radiant com-fort from the fl oor devireg 7110 heating system manual combined with the comfort. 3 max 1A: Package depth mm 140 mm: Package height mm 85 mm: Package width mm 95. with power heating units). User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your DEVI DEVIreg 535 Floor Heating Systems, Thermostat. RS: Room sensor (total heating).

DEVIreg™ Touch is an electronic thermostat specially de-signed for floor heating systems. Pracovní pod-mínky montáže: Pracovní teplota řídící jednotky Devireg™ 850 je v teplotním rozsahu od -10°C do 40°C. The DEVIreg TM 527 is a manual “time clock” regulator to control a heating system where a temperature sensor has failed and cannot be replaced. Let’s get in contact: DEVI electric heating is globally used for: DEVIreg™ Multi Installation and User Guide to learn more about: General use of thermostat. Follow the steps below to ensure the most desireable outcome to suit your heating requirements. DEVIreg™ Touch is an electronic thermostat specially de-signed for but not limited to ˜oor heating systems. Energy efficiency and it’s intelligent use is built in Danfoss thermostats since the 90’s.

System Trouble Shooter Test Check for a 230V supply to the thermostat on terminals 1 and 2. An easy-to-follow menu-driven operation. com VBMHA102 DEVIreg™ Opti DEVIreg™ Touch DEVIreg™ Smart Which DEVIreg™ electronic thermostat matches your needs? It can, however, also be used for other heating systems (e. You may have to wait 1-2 minutes for the thermostat to switch. Installation manual 2.

The new DEVIreg™ Smart fits the same frame and can easily be exchanged. Do you already have a DEVIreg™ Touch thermostat? power heating units). The following is here for your guidance should you experience any problems with the heating system. Meet the new solution from DEVI - high level innovation DEVIweb™. Experience a brand new quality of electric floor heating control.

• Flashing green light means there is a problem with the. DEVIweb™ - heating systems control from everywhere. · Control heating from anywhere, at any time A single DEVIreg™ Smart thermostat can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices using DEVIsmart™ App With one DEVIsmart™ App you are able to control as many locations with as many DEVIreg™ Smart thermostats as you need.

The beautiful design of the square-shaped touchscreen makes the DEVIreg™ Smart fit perfectly into any interior. The Devireg™ 530 Is used for the sensing of floor temperatures in a floor warming system The Devireg™ 531 This thermostat is supplied with a built-in air sensor for control of the desired air temperature only. View and Download DEVI Devireg 535 installation manual online.

The devireg 550 will measure the radiant comfort from the ™. • Red light means system is heating. · The DEVIreg™ Smart is compatible with almost all existing frames and sensors already on the market and can effortlessly be integrated into existing systems. devireg™The Devireg™ 530 series has a LED indicator above the 2 pole safety switch (see illustration).

DeviregTM 535 is an electronic timer temperature controller, specially designed for floor heating systems. Electric Heating Systems DK-7100 Vejle Tel:Visit devi. (Characteristic for NTC sensor devireg 7110 heating system manual 15 kOhm). devireg 550 ONLY: ™ devireg 550 is an adaptive temperature controller, ™ specially designed for fl oor heating systems. The Devireg™ 550 will measure the radiant com-fort from the floor combined with the comfort. Třída krytí řídící jednotky Devireg™ 850 je IP 20. Fits any single and multi frame with a 55 x 55 hole.

The first step is to configure the thermostat:. The DEVIreg 530 is a simple electronic thermostat with a 2-pole switch, using a floor sensor cable to measure and control the desired floor temperature. existing systems. Intelligent heating systems The main Danfoss product is a complete heating system (heating cable or mat, thermostat and accessories).

Applications and Functions The Devireg™ 530 Series is a line of electronic thermostats used for control of floor heating. 0 System overview 2. The 130 series are surfaced mounted manual thermostats The 530 series are flush mounted manual thermostats: What do the lights indicate on the DEVIreg 130/1/532: The green light indicates that the thermostat is ‘on’ but not charging the system. Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without notice.

Note: When starting up the system the buttons a and b must be placed in the middle. DEVIreg™ Smart 2 Installation Guide 1 Introduction DEVIreg™ Smart is an electronic programmable timer thermostat used for controlling electrical floor heating elements. In New Zealand, DEVI Heating Systems bases its business on the same philosophy devireg 7110 heating system manual as its Danish associate, that is, “the supply of technically advanced, economical and environmentally considerate heating systems that meet the needs of their customers. LED indicator above the 2 pole safety switch indicating current mode (Heating, Standby, Off or Fault) Frost Protection. User’s Guide - Devireg™550 Thermostat Introduction Devireg™ 550 is an adaptive temperature control-ler, specially designed for floor heating systems.

Devireg 710 Floor Heating Setup: I recently moved into a rental property with under-floor heating. Saving up to 30% of electrical bill, compared with an advanced electronic thermostat without a timer, Danfoss intelligent. Energy-saving schedule: A standard or customized timer program including fully flexible day and time. DEVIreg™ 550 Introduction DEVIreg™ 550 is an adaptive temperature controller special- ly designed for floor heating systems by using the built-in room sensor and an external floor sensor. The unit will cycle for the selected period every 30mins.

DEVI is the European market leader for electrical heating products including heat mats and thermostats for use in both homes and commercial buildings. Amp David-Mentor. Řídící jednotka Devireg™ 850 a napájecí zdroj se montují na DIN lištu. The DEVIreg touchscreen is an excellent upgrade to any existing digital or manual thermostat. Experience the combination of precise electrical floor heating and elegant design with our three different DEVIreg™ thermostats Opti, Touch, and Smart. • Comfort heating should be used only to supplement a regular room heating system. Thus, with the DEVIreg™ Smart in your vehicle, you will be equipped with all you need to tackle virtually any job. DEVI DEVIreg 535 Manuals & User Guides.

DEVIreg™ Touch Setting Temperature When the display is inactive, it shows the actual temperature measured in the room: When you activate the display, it shows the temperature that you want (the one you have set): If the system is heating, up arrows will flash to the left of the tempera- ture: User Guide. Database contains 6 DEVI DEVIreg 535 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Operation & user’s manual, Manual, Programming instructions, Installation manual. Page 4 Introducing devireg 540/550 ™ devireg 540 is an advanced temperature controller, with a ™ built-in Timer. The thermostat has a dial for adjusting the temperature setting with a scale from 1 to 5 (each step corresponds to roughly 9°C). User’s Guide - devireg™550 Thermostat Introduction devireg™ 550 is an adaptive temperature control-ler, specially designed for fl oor heating systems. 1 Three different sensor configurations FS: Floor sensor (comfort heating) • Suitable for floor heating in e. The intuitive mobile DEVIsmart™ App turns your smartphone into a remote control and enables you to easily operate your floor heating system – from anywhere in the. What is the difference between the DEVIreg 130 series and the DEVIreg 530 series?

Rotate thermostat dial to position 10 and test for a 230V output on terminals 3 and 4. DEVIweb™ is a Web based devireg 7110 heating system manual control of DEVIreg™ Smart acting as multifunctional thermostats and switches. The DeviregTM 535, once set, automatically adjusts the heating to meet your comfort levels, regardless of changing weather conditions by measuring the floor temperature and combining it with the air temperature. The LED has four indications: • No light means the system is off. system in certain building types is an effi cient alternative to other heating systems both in terms of energy consumption and in terms of economic effi ciency. Devireg 535 floor heating systems pdf manual download. · Discuss DEVIreg 710 controller in the Central Heating Systems area at ElectriciansForums. Devireg™ 535 Programming Instructions Introduction The devireg™ 535 allows you to program your heating system by using pre-set program modes.

Energy-saving schedule: A standard or customized. • Green light means system is standing by. Stay warm with DEVI New Zealand. There was no user manual and no indication what make/model the heating system was. The DEVIreg 130 is a simple electronic thermostat to be installed directly on the wall, using a floor sensor cable to measure and control the desired floor temperature. Among others, the ther-mostat has the following features: A touchscreen display with backlight.

After substantial investigation, I found the device pictured was a Devireg 710 made by "Devi". By generating a code from the existing the DEVIreg™ Touch, you can easily copy your old heating settings into the new DEVIreg™ Smart in seconds.

Devireg 7110 heating system manual

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