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The contour mode allows you to alter the Wah tone and level. No discernible tone loss. The Bad Horsie doesn&39;t have a traditional potentiometer in it that you can use as a variable voltage divider. Very powerful and versatile unit. Discussion in &39;The Effect effect&39; started by surfaday,. VAI-2 Steeve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah Schematics. Still set to Steve Vai&39;s precise specifications and switchless. See more videos for Bad Horsie 2 Manual.

Bad Horsie Guitar Tab by Steve Vai with free online tab player. It has the standard 1/4 inout and output jacks, a battery door on the bottom for a 9volt, 9 volt dc jack, and a switch to activate the contour controls. When in doubt, refer to your RC truck manual for the "exploded view" of your truck. The Morley VAI-2 Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah delivers everything that you want from a wah pedal and more. The pedal has been tuned to Steve’s specific predilections and features a switchless operation.

Packing two distinct effect styles in one chassis, the Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah serves up a wide swath of possibility for a pedalboard staple. You just have to turn it anticlockwise until the arrow points cero. morley steve vai bad horsie 2 contour wah model vai 2 95 KB morley steve vai little alligator volume model pla 30 KB morley steve vai switchless wah schematic diagram 35 KB morley svo stereo volume schematic 151 KB morley time master mtm schematic diagram 181 KB morley volume boost vbo circuit diagram 207 KB. Click the footswitch to the left of the bad horsie 2 manual foot pedal to engage CONTOUR mode (the left side LED turns ON).

In Contour Wah, two knobs adjust Contour (tone) and Wah Level; Buffer Circuit prevents signal loss and maintains tone. I did not think it as uncomplicated to use as the Bad Horsie so I went back to the Bad Horsie. Effects Pedal Wah, Steve Vai Signature Model, Electro-optical circuitry, Switch-less design, 2 Wah modes (Bad Horsie / Contour Wah), Also suitable for bass or keyboards, Integrated True Tone buffer, Quick-clip battery cover, Buffered bypass,. Still set to Steve&39;s precise specifications and switchless. Then there&39;s a mix of a few true-bypass and buffered pedals, ending with a H2O delay/chorus. The Morley bad horsie 2 is A twist on the classic wah pedal design. It&39;s a Bad Horsie and then some! 75” H; Powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter.

No pots to wear out! Denn für mich kam außer dem Bad Horsie 2 auch noch das Pedal bad horsie 2 manual von Joe Satriani made by Vox in Betracht. BAD HORSIE As recorded by Steve Vai (From the 1995 Album ALIEN LOVE SECRETS) Transcribed by Julien Beyleix Music by Steve Vai Arranged by Steve Vai A Intro 1 I T A B g6 8 Gtr I Freely P = 65 P x RP x R t 7 t 7 c tt 1 1/2 tt 3 1/2 44 V 0 V 0 N. Morley Bad Horsie Wah Pedal Features Classic Morley construction: 9. An oldie but a goodie! If Jeremy decides that the audio portion of the pedal isn’t.

MINI Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Wah: MK-4 Multi Keyboard Switcher: MMV Mini Volume: MMW Mini Wah: MSW Maverick Mini Switchless Wah: MTAW Mini Michael Amott Wah: MTG2 Mini George LynChannel Dragon 2 Wah: MTKIKO Mini Kiko Loureiro Wah: MTMARK1 Mini Mark Tremonti Power Wah: MTM Timemaster: MTSKW1 Mini DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah: MWV Mini Wah Volume: NSW No. Being switchless, this Morley guitar effects pedal kicks into life every time you step on it and disengages when you take your foot off. Morley BH 2 Bad Horsie Wah; Mini Wah effect pedal; Steve Vai signature model with classic full-sized Morley construction; electro-optical circuit; switchless operation; built-in premium buffer circuit ensures pure guitar tone and output; 2. which btw is a Morley Bad Horsie 2. Please, tick the box below to get your link: Get manual. The contour mode allows. More practical but by no means less exciting features are a Clear-Tone buffer circuit, which maintains a pure guitar tone and signal level whether in wah or bypass mode, and an easy. Kick on the CONTOUR wah switch and two knobs allow you to alter the wah frequency and level.

CLIFF BURTON POWER FUZZ WAH (Model PFW) Owners Manual STEVE VAI BAD HORSIE 2 CONTOUR WAH (Model VAI-2) Owners Manual DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS (Circa throughTH ANNIVERSARY CHROME BUNDLE No Owners Manual Available ACCU-TUNER (Model AC-1) Owners Manual CLASSIC WAH (Model CLW) Owners Manual CLIFF BURTON FUZZ BOX (Model MCF. Overview Packing two distinct effect styles in one chassis, the Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah serves up a wide swath of possibility for a pedalboard staple. So the Bad Horsie 2 takes the exact sound of the original, and adds a foot switchable second mode, Contour mode, which enables the user to adjust Q and wah level. It is a good idea to mark the case for assembly orientation as it is easy to re-install backwards. Not as good as the Morley Bad Horsie 2 Having used a Bad Horsie, and having used Morley wahs since I began playing 40 years ago, I found the mini-wah/vol a bit too small really. ·CONTOUR control: Adjusts the tone (shelving) of the Wah when in CONTOUR mode. Morley Bad Horsie 2 Advice on Contour? Having it close to a power supply and those other pedals on just amplify the problem to intolerable limits.

All the manuals in this DVD ( PC and Mac) are in PDF files (Adobe Reader XI), 121 PDF files! Joined:. Enjoy our 45-day return policy. V 0 V 0 x x x x V 0 V 0 V 0 V 0 x x x x V 0 V 0 V 0 V 0 x x x x V 0 V 0 t 5 t 5. Aber als ich mir das Bad Horsie zukommen habe lassen, war ich fasziniert, einmal vom Klang, dann von der Verarbeitung und als letztes Feat. Dual distortion paths, massive range of fx ( up to 4 fx simultaneously ) inc whammy and pitch shifting, chorus, flange, delay etc.

I really like Steve Vai&39;s wah sound and was thinkin about getting one of his wah&39;s. So, it is a problem that&39;s specific to the wah pedal. It works its wah magic using an optical resistor circuit. Comes with manual and power supply, in excellent condition: £100 Morley Bad Horsie 2 : Great condition. Cab emulation, midi, expression pedal. All content on this page is the property of the copyright owner of the original composition. The Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah was designed for players who like the Bad Horsie sound but want the ability to change the wah frequency.

surfaday Strat-Talker. und somit das geilste, die Fotosensorentechnik beim drauftreten. Callfor expert advice. I found forum posts agreeing with his opinion that it really needs distortion before bad horsie 2 manual the Bad Horsie, which he played with more tonight. It is also switchless so it turns on as soon as you step on the pedal and turns off when you remove your foot.

VAI-1 Steeve Vai Bad Horsie Wah Schematics VAI-2 Steeve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah Schematics VBO Volume Boost Schematic VCO Compressor Volume Schematic VOL schematic WVO Wah Volume Schematic XVO Volume Schematic XVP stereo volume panner schematic XWV Silver Series Wah Volume Schematic. Bad Horsie, Bad Horsie 2 Instructions - pg 29 Little Alligator Volume, Pro Series Volume Instructions - pg 30 Power and Pro Series Il Pedal Instructions - pg 31 Equipped with HQ2 Custom Inductor HQ2 Custom Inductors Specially engineered for Vintage Wah tone, reduced noise and Higher Q. or how they compare to the dunlop wah&39;.

Anyway, sounds good to me. The VAI-2 is a Bad Horsie Wah with the additional choice of CONTOUR mode. When you move the pedal you change the brightness of an LED that shines on a light dependant resistor that controls the filter applied to your signal (see schematic here ). It’s equipped with LED indication, an easy-access battery compartment and a two-year warranty. Featuring foot selectable Contour and Bad Horsie modes along with knobs for frequency and level, the ability to toggle between electro-optical and wah modes. MORLEY Dual Bass Wah have this pot inside to cut off the delay. Kick on the contour wah switch and 2 knobs allow you to alter the wah frequency and level.

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Wah It&39;s a "Bad Horsie" and then some! Found in select models as indicated. Morley’s famous Electro-Optical design. Two modes; Bad Horsie Wah and Contour Wah. Anyone know the difference? I&39;ve seen a post about this, I tried myself and works fine, I just wanted to add the pictures in case anyone need it.

75” ( L x W x H) Switchless operation: Simply step on the treadle to engage the Wah and step off to bypass. Buy your Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah Pedal from Sam Ash and receive the guaranteed lowest price. The VAI-2 is a Bad Horsie Wah with the additional choice of CONTOUR mode. Screws to be removed are (1) turnbuckle, (2) shock tower, (2) bumper, (2) bumper mount, (2) chassis to bulkhead and (2) skidplate to bulkhead. While looking up the pedal’s manual today to find exactly what the controls do, I saw that Morley provides the schematic on their web site.

Morley Bad Horsie Wah Edition Pedal Features Steve Vai’s signature Wah; Two Wah bad horsie 2 manual modes: Bad Horsie and Contour Wah. Morley Mini Steve Vai Bad Horsie: Styled in Steve Vai’s actual artwork, the Morley Mini Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah is a limited-edition pedal designed for electric guitar players, bassists, and keyboard players. I have a Bad Horsie 2 as the first pedal I plug my guitar into. This manual also for: Bad horsie vai-1, Bad horsie 2 vai-2.

Even in the pedal chain, there&39;s a hum (but within tolerable limits) even without the vibe on and the wah away from the power supply.

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